About Us

The Emilia Plater Polish School is educational not-for-profit organization for children and youth. It has been established in 1975 to provide opportunity for Polish immigrant children to continue mastering their or their parents’ native language skills, learning history, traditions and heritage of Poland. The Polanie group was formed to further educate about the art and culture of Poland and to instill in its members appreciation and pride in their heritage through traditional folk song and dance. This form of folk art is then presented to the public at various social and cultural events and festivals. By performing Polanie educate members of the community while providing original artistic program for their enjoyment.

Polanie dance ensemble was formed in September of 1991 from initiative of young choreographer Marek Kus. His objective was to develop children’s dance group of high artistic merit with abilities to perform Polish folk songs and dances with ease. Under his care Polanie developed their first suites of dances, gathered very first costumes and took first steps on stage. Rehearsals were held after regularly scheduled language lessons and first performance was at school’s Christmas Program in December 1991.

There are currently 47 members of the ensemble in two age groups: children 5-11 and youth 12-19 years old. Polanie perform 16-20 times per year, usually in Illinois, but also in Michigan and Wisconsin. Internationally Polanie traveled to Poland in summer of 2006. It was unforgettable and valuable learning experience for all our participating members.

Polanie serve their community by performing for diverse population (usually by invitation), but also by looking for and seeking new opportunities. The group performed at several public schools, parishes, homes for elderly, libraries.

The repertoire of the ensemble includes national dances of Poland and also suites of folk songs and dances from several regions. Not only the group strives to show high level of professionalism at performances but also to present its program in most original true form while wearing authentic costumes representative of presented region. As a result Polanie receive warm welcome and applause wherever they perform.

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